Wellness Walk & Chat safe space sessions, with food

Wellness Walk & Chat safe space sessions, with food

Start every day, by being just a little better than the person you were the day before.  Open to all.  supervised by PVG holders, fully insured, friendly small teams of volunteers ready to help any way they can.  To assist with making your own, 'safe choices', increasing overall wellness.

We offer excellent free ways of training and guidance in the home, proven, science based free options such as laughter, standing up and walking.

Gentle motivation towards 'safe choices', with signposting and direct referrals.

Looking to be a continual presence during someone's journey, in whatever form that may take.  Boosting self esteem and getting involved in other activities and community projects, as relationships build.

We also offer a smaller befriending scheme to help ease people out of isolation, or those struggling with anxiety or and other things they may wish to decide to work on.