Tue KSB Walk, Talk & Tidy nature sessions

Tue KSB Walk, Talk & Tidy nature sessions

TUESDAY = 11.30am meet at  Northsea court, Seaton meet up then walk, talk & tidy.

Tidying areas from there to Linksfield, Pittodrie, Beach, Donmouth Estuary

Whilst we take our commitment to regenerating local communities very seriously, we are a friendly fun and relaxed team.

Jokes and laughs are a part of this, so be warned. Completely non-judgemental, we aim to cheer everyone up, as they help Keep Scotland Beautiful!!

But the damage and degradation to the local area and planet are not funny.

These small group activities allow you to improve your local areas.  Why not utilise your 'NEAT' minutes each day in a fun community based activity, instantly rewarding & satisfying.

Equipment and safety gear provided we come together as a group and choose the areas and get started straight away.  Also a wonderful way of uniting communities and getting to know the local area, meet new friends and really make a difference. 

You are welcome to bring your own gloves/ litter picking equipment and bin bags if you have some too.