THU 1pm – ‘WalkIn4Change’ – Duthie Park winter gardens café meeting point, Aberdeen

THU 1pm  – ‘WalkIn4Change’ – Duthie Park winter gardens café meeting point, Aberdeen

THURSDAYS – ‘WalkIn4Change’ – Duthie Park winter gardens cafe meeting point, Aberdeen

1 hour Sessions meet @ 13:00 & – doing loops ensuring everyone can attend for their own ability/duration, a brilliant way to help 3 good causes as a team

FRESH is a community group, run by volunteers & local residents for anyone to attend from the area, or guests/ volunteers from throughout Aberdeenshire & beyond. Fully inclusive, no barriers, no labels, just kind, like-minded, friendly people making positive change. #peoplehelpingpeople 

Welcoming = Volunteers, guests, local residents, local businesses, services, groups - fun, friendly, safe & relaxed. 

Equality = Everyone is welcome to enjoy. No judgements.  No barriers. No labels. Befriending/Support when we can.

Community = Concentrating on community spirit, values, improvement, motivation, people helping people.

Awareness = Action, Activity, All inclusive, Ability to meet, socialise safely & access advice.

Nature = Connecting with nature, improving socialising, mental/physical health, fresh air!

Walks or Wheeling for any age group, everyone welcome, relaxed fun, constructive and you can Be The Change! We politely request Parents, local carers, groups, services to assist with introductions for kids/clients joining walks. Open to everyone local & guests from all over Aberdeen.  Welcome new starts & networking/training with groups/services too! | | WhatsApp 07562689691 | F |