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Fresh Community Wellness is open to the whole community, with non-judgemental, friendly volunteers. Offering free, 'safe space', outdoors activities throughout the area. Improving mental/physical health and well-being. To improve community wellness. Motivate individuals safe choices & wellness. Work in partnership with the whole community & professional services/groups.

We are starting with Aberdeen Central for operations. Utilising KSB It's Your Neighbourhood to work on the PLUS (Pittodrie, Linksfield, United with Seaton) area. This runs from Donmouth through to Pittodrie, including King Street, and up to old Aberdeen, and down to the beachfront. Numerous sessions. It's your neighbourhood

These include WalkIn2Activity, Fresh Focus & WalkIn4change - all at individuals own pace, ability - and welcoming alternative methods too.

We will start assisting those in the local area who may be isolated, or in need of some friendly assistance and motivation. This will be done by inviting person/s & their carer/s to attend with them initially to our relaxed sessions.

OUR group is YOUR group

We are an independent 3rd party non-profit voluntary community group. Anyone can attend any session, no training or inductions are required. We take basic details, explain activity in full including risk assessments.
Our sessions are run by a great team of volunteers, we welcome along any guests and would love to hear the thoughts of the local community, their opinions and this is our guide for helping to improve the area.

Everyone can attend, if we can make things easier for you to attend then we are more than happy to do that.

FRESH Community Wellness SCIO is registered with OSCR SC051346

We are open to the whole community, with non-judgemental, friendly volunteers. Offering free, 'safe space', outdoors activities throughout the week. WhatsApp our team mobile 07562 689691 or via email/social media. We are looking for volunteers and guests from Aberdeen. Especially keen for local residents throughout the areas to be a part of their community, advise, help or make their own changes with us - for anything they feel could be improved. Then look to long term maintenance of these areas.

Wellness is a state of well-being and process that applies to the “whole person.” Human beings aren’t one-dimensional, our lives comprise many facets, including:

  1. Social: family and social support and cohesion
  2. Physical: physical vitality, active lifestyle practices, structured exercise. Nutritional: diet and food choices, healthy weight
  3. Environmental: living conditions and physical surroundings from immediate to global
  4. Medical and dental: screening, prevention, adherence, good choices
  5. Spiritual: core values, identity, and purpose
  6. Emotional: mental state, coping and problem-solving skills, stress management, decision making
  7. Occupational: activities in which we engage, interests, skills, performance, satisfaction,
  8. Financial: planning and saving, cash and credit management, risk management
We encourage you to examine each  different dimensions of wellness and recognize that they are interconnected. No dimension stands alone. Each dimension is related to others in different ways and to different degrees. A change in one dimension will likely affect other domains. This means that if you make a positive change in one domain, you may experience a positive effect in another without even making an effort. For example, if you take just a couple of deep breaths after you arrive home after work, you may find that helps you make the transition from work to home more smoothly. That’s because a little deep breathing helps calm and centre you. Once you enter your home, you may find yourself a little patient with family members or friends, or perhaps you’ll discover you’re a little more able to make healthy food choices for dinner. Little actions lead to big rewards.

Wellness includes a balance of healthy habits, rest, good nutrition adequate sleep, exercise and connections with friends and family that support you. 


Fully inclusive, no barriers, no labels – A community group, run by volunteers & local residents for the anyone to attend from the area, or guests/ volunteers from throughout Aberdeen.

To increase health & well-being. Improve individual, family and community wellness. Work in partnership with all local groups/services/ partnerships to achieve these goals

It’s your neighbourhood entrant 2021-2022, we are accepted to implement these changes with Keep Scotland Beautiful


  •      You will see quite clearly we are able to reach young children under 10 years olds & 10-16 year olds & parents, individuals of any ability or background, elderly, vulnerable and at risk
  •      Able to assist with community involvement throughout.  Improve local green spaces & access to these. Walks allow the health benefits, plus showing everyone the local area good & in need of improvement and get ideas/ suggestions.  These have started and will continue into SOS, Step Out September campaign,      then remain after – allowing transparency.
  •      Growing food, planting, gardening, and encouraging to access both pantries and eat our own vegetables when these are available.
  •      Social isolation/ digitisation – opportunities to cover those areas instantly.
  •      Encourage walking/Cycling/ wheeling to reduce emissions and for health.
  •      Community & local residents maintaining and improving their own local areas.
  •      Training for volunteers can be built up when they are ready.
  •      Training for local residents.        
  •      Possibilities for apprenticeships with local businesses for gardening, environmental issues, painting, building, labouring, joinery, upcycling/recycling, waste reduction techniques, support/care assistants and more.
  •      Referral abilities to reach whole area – and refer on for anything else from further studies, work opportunities, budgeting advice, specialist/groups/services/ befriending opportunities.
  •      All activities will improve mental/physical well-being social isolation, the environment and overall wellness.

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Exploring wellness for free, in a safe environment, outside covid19 safe

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There is no catch just lot's of fun, a lifestyle change towards a better version of 'you', with gently friendly motivation, leading to a longer healthier life!! Please message us to book on one of our walks.