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Wellness Walk & Chat safe space sessions, with food

EVERY THURSDAY. Winter Gardens entrance at Polmuir Road. Meet 2pm for a wellness walk, chat and Picnic. Within & progressing out of covid19 we are offering relaxed 'safe space' wellness walk & chat sessions. This is an excellent way to progress into becoming a better version of you.

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Walk, Talk & Tidy Fresh and fun litter picks

Every Tues and Sat. We would love to see you. Wellness includes our environment, plus boosting self esteem, confidence and having an impact. So why not help keep our world healthy too by litter picking with laughter

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Easy Exercise Education and fun fitness

Destroying the fitness myths, saving you money and coaching you to success and becoming the best version of you.

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Health & Nutrition

It is our belief everyone should know the facts about basic healthy living - the harm and risk of relapse such as from sugar crashes and spikes. They have the right to understand about simple carbs, fad diets and the harms from fasting and the essential need to be healthy once in recovery to build strength.

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Befriending and mentoring

This is a personalised approach to encourage those who may not currently be connected in the community, with gentle motivation from friendly community volunteers. As well as the inclusion of lived experience.

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Exploring wellness for free, in a safe environment, outside covid19 safe

We would love to see you.

There is no catch just lot's of fun, a lifestyle change towards a better version of 'you', with gently friendly motivation, leading to a longer healthier life!! Please message us to book on one of our walks.

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Fresh community Wellness


We are a small friendly team, with empathy and love meeting and gently motivating anyone towards wellness.

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Wellness is a state of well-being and process that applies to the “whole person.” Human beings aren’t one-dimensional, our lives comprise many facets, including:

  1. Social: family and social support and cohesion
  2. Physical: physical vitality, active lifestyle practices, structured exercise. Nutritional: diet and food choices, healthy weight
  3. Environmental: living conditions and physical surroundings from immediate to global
  4. Medical and dental: screening, prevention, adherence, good choices
  5. Spiritual: core values, identity, and purpose
  6. Emotional: mental state, coping and problem-solving skills, stress management, decision making
  7. Occupational: activities in which we engage, interests, skills, performance, satisfaction,
  8. Financial: planning and saving, cash and credit management, risk management
We encourage you to examine each  different dimensions of wellness and recognize that they are interconnected. No dimension stands alone. Each dimension is related to others in different ways and to different degrees. A change in one dimension will likely affect other domains. This means that if you make a positive change in one domain, you may experience a positive effect in another without even making an effort. For example, if you take just a couple of deep breaths after you arrive home after work, you may find that helps you make the transition from work to home more smoothly. That’s because a little deep breathing helps calm and centre you. Once you enter your home, you may find yourself a little patient with family members or friends, or perhaps you’ll discover you’re a little more able to make healthy food choices for dinner. Little actions lead to big rewards.

Wellness includes a balance of healthy habits, rest, good nutrition adequate sleep, exercise and connections with friends and family that support you. 


Naloxone Training information

  •   14/10/2020 06:35 AM

BLOG no.1 From Sam Daniel Raion

  •   09/07/2020 08:59 PM


Naloxone Training

Why not choose to have the ability to save lives see our gallery videos and our blog too.

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